Monday, September 3, 2007

Initiate Traffic towards Blog - Part II

Traffic initiation towards blog is mainly about developing Connections (XCons).
The connections development process is like marketing program for your site/blog. Typical Marketing would consist of 4P's : Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Product: Refers to your site/blog. This is what you want to sell, and quality of your product is
first/key factor. You need to maintain the quality by taking care of :
- Design Aspects
- Content Quality
- Frequency of Content Updation
- Clear & Crisp Post Titles
If the product is good, only then it can be sellable.

Define your product: Is it a web site/blog which speaks about specific topics/areas
or is it too general. Come up with clear definition of your
product. Read blogs/sites with similar topics and try to define
the differentiating factors you want to bring in.

Price: Price is not relevant when you are starting a site/blog. It will come into picture when
enough traffic starts coming to your site, you develop pagerank and technorati ranking
and advertisers are ready to shell out money for your site.

Place: Where you keep your site/blog makes lot of difference. You can host it on free sites, like
my blog is or have domain hosting your site/blog.
To start with, would recommend trying out with free sites, you do not spend a dime and
get to play around, learning the tricks of trade.

Promotion: This is what drives traffic to your site and will be the money maker for your online
money making initiative. We will discuss various options available and their
worthiness in separate post.

Initiate Traffic towards Blog - Part I

Setting up the blog and writing content is not enough to make money. "Content is king" is absolutely right but even king is ordinary person without power aka money.

Having setup this blog yesterday, i had not even a single user except me for it. Good Content alone will not be able to ring your cash registers. Content is king but with traffic.

Traffic: Understand one basic thing, traffic is not something which will start coming automatically. One has to drive traffic towards your site/blog. Site/Blog without traffic is like a highway which unlesss known to commuters will not be used at all.

So how does one drives traffic. There are hundreds of web sites/blogs for making money online, which describes 100+ ways of driving traffic.

We are not going to discuss those 100's of ways here. We focus on finding out which of those 100's of methods are actually useful, and then in actual implementation of those methods.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Results: Technique#1 : Comments: No Follow

Check out the results on technorati for my blog after i created on external link with using the No Follow Tag disabled on one of the web sites that allow this.

Check out the Authority Ranking is now "1" and the Rank has come up to "3915745 " from the initial Rank of "7966799"

Results: About

This section will list the results of techniques i'll be applying to this blog.

Technique#1: Comments: No Follow Tags: Disabled

This technique describes the way links to your site can be created to jumpstart your ranking.

To understand this technique, one would need to understand how technorati rankings work and what No Follow Tags does.

You need to search for web sites/blogs which have the No Follow Tag disabled. Leaving a comment on these sites would give an actual link pointing to your site.

This would increase the number of external sites linking to your site, hence increasing your ranking.

(Most blogs and web sites have No Follow tags inserted (rel = nofollow) for links provided in the comments to prevent spam. Google and other search engines on seeing the nofollow attribute give no credit to site pointed by link in their search engine ratings)

Techniques: About

Techniques section would provide list of all known techniques to jumpstart the ranking of your site and to drive traffic to your site (website or blog).

I would be discussing each technique in details in seperate posts and implement it for my own blog (only legal ones) and discuss the results.

Technorati Rank - Blog Startup

Checked out my blog's rank at Technorati. This is ranking received at start of my blog.
Key part of any online money making plan is to increase your site's ranking, be it Google Ranking or Technorati Ranking.

The advertising revenue which will form as primary source of your online income will be significantly proportional to your ranking.

We will learn ways to increase the ranking when we define strategy to mint money.

This initial ranking will act as baseline and help us track progress.

Writing Articles -- Part II >> What Articles can make Money

Articles aka Content is needed for all domains/niches and in varied forms. There is no definite answer to what can or cannot be written which will be sellable. There are millions of web users who are writing content everyday in form of articles, in form of opinions/views in blogs.

You can write about anything and make money.

The starting point to succeed should not be the question "What should i write to make money", but rather should be the question " What am I good at, What are my interests".

Start by listing down what you are good at : it could be what you do in everyday job, or selling on ebay or gardening, or following up on Hollywood happenings. Come up with domains where you are most strong at.

Next step is list down all interests you have: Gardening, Photography, Painting, Cars, F1, Tennis and so on. Select the ones which you follow religiously and can speak about without getting tired/bored.

Once you have done the above exercise, you will have list of atleast 2 or 3 areas. These are the areas in which you can write and make money, as you will have passion for these.

You could be a salesperson, but still have storng interest in gardening and have good knowledge about it. What can you write about: Selling or Gardening.

I believe if you write about your interests, you are bound to create content that is unique and hence sellable.

Writing Articles -- Part I

Content is king ! Content is key success factor for any web site. Internet magic is driven around words that attract users to particular website. Be it news site or blog or discussion forums, the key to unique visitors to a site is defined by a single strategy: Content.

Content also drives search engine ranking of web sites. Search Engine is used by users worldwide to find relevant content. Relevant content drives more users towards website and in turn increasing the ranking of website.

Writing Articles for publishing is one of easy ways to make money. Two questions one should ask before starting writing articles:
1. What articles can I write
2. Show me the money honey : Who will pay me to write articles

Getting Started

So I want to start off with sound start by learning what are the various ways by which people are minting money online. Started with search on Google and Technorati ( with "Making Money Online" phrase. The results displayed on first pages are disappointing and lead to nowhere for a novice.

Hence, I started off by putting a simple kick off plan:

1. Information Gathering Phase: Find information sources to understand online money making options
2. Analysis Phase: Analyze each option to determine what it takes to make money, determine pros and cons of each option

After the analysis phase, will define the options that I'll be using to define the strategy to make money online.


Wondering in the endless world of World Wide Web to search for ways to make money online led me to couple of web sites, blogs and interesting stories about people who are making cool amount of money from advertising revenue by Google Adsense, or by selling adspace to sponsers.
These sites provide a lot of information on how to make money online, some share details of how they earned money, how much are they earning every month and so on.

These people making money fall under who have been there, done that category, and understand Abc's of technology behind online world.

For the common man who wants to start the voyage in the endless sea of this online world to make money, more crisp and clear information is needed which can help understand the technlogy and clarify that money making online requires structured approach and strategy rather than just starting a blog.

With this Blog, I'm trying to capture my personal voyage in money making business of online world.